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DRDC Annual Retreats


Chotrul Duchen - Losar Tibetan New Year
Annual Dakini Kurukulle Retreat

In order to uphold our lineage, DRDC follows Larung Gar's 4 major Dharma events annually, beginning with the Dakini Kurukulle retreat in Tibetan Losar (new year). Every year at this time, sangha of Larung Gar holds the Nine Vidyadharas Retreat, practicing the Sadhanas of the Magnetizing  Activities. It's a 15-day retreat with intense practices to invoke blessings from the Nine Deities in order to beseech common and uncommon accomplishments. In this retreat, DRDC focuses on the practice of Dakini Kurukulle (one of the Nine Vidyadharas) based on His Holiness's terma.

Ju Mipham Rinpoche stated, “It is important to give rise to the genuine experiences of spontaneous accomplishment when one engages in benefitting activities, according to the pith instruction. This, however, will not occur if one foregoes altruism and intends to self-profit from their actions. If one aspires to selflessly benefit others, then the enlightened activity of Magnetism would be the most supreme and conducive.

2020 HH Jigme Phuntsok Ripoche Parinirvana Anniversary

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