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Bardo Puja
Praying for the Deceased

Lama Drimed Rinpoche leads the sangha members to perform the ritual recitation known as Bardo Puja based on Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State for the deceased upon requests. To submit a request for prayers for the deceased, please contact:

Eleanor Cheng


Harrison Liu

Monthly Life Release

Led by: Lama Drimed Rinpoche

Every 3rd Saturday of the month

9:30 am to 11 am PDT or

Location : 1 Johnson Pier,

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


 To contribute towards life release, please click the PayPal button below and select "Donation to Life Release Fund" from the pull-down menu. Your contribution will be used to purchase the fish/shellfish captured by the fishing boats for release back into the ocean after they were blessed with the life release ritual. All are welcome to join to amass the inconceivable merits from saving lives particularly during this miraculous month of Saga Dawa.

Rinpoche's teaching on

The Merits of Saving Lives:

English text

Chinese text

Guru Rinpoche Practice to Avert Future Calamities

In efforts to avert future calamities as Guru Rinpoche had predicted, we invite all practitioners around the world to join efforts in the practice of this important terma called Guru Rinpoche Prayer for the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes. Endorsed by many Tibetan high lamas as the only antidote to preventing the dawning of the future calamities to all humanity, it is imperative for all followers of Guru Rinpoche to maximize this practice with fervent faith. 

To sponsor DRDC, life release, tsog/flower offering, and make offerings to our lama, please click the Paypal link or scan the QR Code below. Thank you for your generosity!

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Click the button to log in and report your recitation:

Login ID: drdc

Password: DRDC2020

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