DRDC Monthly Teachings and Practices

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Dakini Day
Green Tara Practice

7/3/2021 Saturday 7pm - 9pm PDT


Chenrezig Practice
Six Syllable Mantra Practice

7/5 Monday 7pm ~ 9pm  PDT

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Chokhor Duchen 
Annual Samanthabadra Clouds of offering & Ksitigarbha Retreat

7/9/2021 ~ 7/13/2021 Friday to Tuesday 

7/9, 7/12, 7/13 Friday, Monday, Tuesday  7:00pm ~   9:00pm PDT

7/10 ~7/11 Saturday, Sunday           10:00am ~ 12:00pm | 2pm ~ 4pm | 7pm ~ 9pm PDT

7/13 Tuesday Nyungne Initiation 5:30am ~   6:30am PDT


The sixth month of Tibetan Calendar is the miraculous month that signifies Buddha’s first turning of the wheel of Dharma. It is also the month for the annual practice of Samantabhadra’s Offering Clouds. According to the monastery's tradition, this annual retreat is held at Larung Gar for a duration of eight days. Dechen Rang Dharma Center has been following Larung's tradition since its commencement therefore will join force with Larung's sangha on the days designated above. There will be Nyungne practice on the last day of the retreat on Tuesday. We will be practicing the Prayer to Invoke Prosperity composed by Mipham Rinpoche. Practicing Samantabhadra's Offering Clouds brings about worldly and spiritual benefits, such as the increase of wealth, health, longevity, virtues, and wisdom for liberation. Concluding the practice by dedicating merits further propels the success in the enlightened activities of Increase. All are welcome to join and contribute towards the fund for preparing the offering substances at the temple such as flowers, water, and others. You may also prepare abundant offerings in your own shrine room.


Retreatants will observe the Eight Precepts on the auspicious day of Buddha's turning of the wheel of Dharma on Tuesday 7/13. Preceptors should refrain from killing, stealing, sexual activity, telling lies, intoxication, eating after lunch, using high seats or beds, dancing, singing, wearing perfume or jewelry. Precepts will be conferred at 5:30 am. Retreatants should be ready for the initiation by then. In order to maximize the benefits from Nyungne pratice, Rinpoche will confer a particular set of Nyungne precepts that allows practitioners to talk and drink (tea or water) after lunch, which will enable you to work or go about your daily routine as usual on the basis of strictly observing all other vows entailed within the precepts.

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Guru Rinpoche Practice
Averting Future Calamities

7/16/2021 ~ 7/18/2021 Friday to Sunday

7/16 Friday      7pm ~   9 pm PDT

7/17 to 7/18    Saturday & Sunday 10am ~ 12 pm | 2pm ~ 4pm | 7pm ~9pm PDT

In efforts to avert future calamities as Guru Rinpoche had predicted, we will continue to practice this important terma called Guru Rinpoche Prayer for the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes. This prayer was revealed by terton Rigdzin Jigmed Nudon Dorje about 500 years ago. Many tertons and masters have foretold the immense power and blessings this prayer could bring in pacifying and averting any major catastrophes. Guru Rinpoche also said that he will bless and protect those who pray to him wholeheartedly. Therefore, with the fervent faith towards Guru Rinpoche’s responsiveness to our sincere prayer, please join us to pray for the welfare of all future generations.


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Bardo Puja - Praying for the Deceased

7/21 Wednesday 7 pm ~ 9 pm PDT

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Mipham Rinpoche's Ngondro Teaching
The Clearly Illuminated Path to Liberation

7/23 Friday 7:30 pm ~ 9 pm PDT

This teaching is held per request of students from Dechen Rang Taiwan.

Teaching in Mandarin only. No English Translation.


Bodhicaryavatara TeachingA Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life

7/25/2021 Sunay 10 am ~ 12:30pm PDT

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