DRDC Monthly Teachings and Practices


Guru Rinpoche Practice
Averting Future Calamities

Every Saturday Evening 7pm to 9pm PDT

In efforts to avert future calamities as Guru Rinpoche had predicted, we will continue to practice this important terma called Guru Rinpoche Prayer for the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes. This prayer was revealed by terton Rigdzin Jigmed Nudon Dorje about 500 years ago. Many tertons and masters have foretold the immense power and blessings this prayer could bring in pacifying and averting any major catastrophes. Guru Rinpoche also said that he will bless and protect those who pray to him wholeheartedly. Therefore, with the fervent faith towards Guru Rinpoche’s responsiveness to our sincere prayer, please join us to pray for the welfare of all future generations.


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Audio Recording of Guru Rinpoche Prayer Chanted by Drimed Rinpoche

Video Chant-Along of Guru Rinpoche Prayer by Drimed Rinpoche

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Bodhicaryavatara TeachingA Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life

Every Second & Forth Sunay 10 am ~ 12:30pm PDT

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Guru Rinpoche Day
Shower of Blessings Tsog Practice

1/11/22 Tuesday 7 pm ~ 9 pm PDT


Annual HHJP Parinirvana Anniversary
Lama Chodpa Sadhana & HHJP Guru Yoga Practice

1/14/22  to 1/16/22 Friday to Sunday 7pm - 9pm PDT

10 am to 12 pm, 2 to 4 pm, 7 to 9 pm Daily


The Life & Liberation of Padmasambhava ( Guru Rinpoche's Complete Biography)
Reading Transmission by Lama Drimed Rinpoche

Every Friday 7pm to 9 pm

Guru Padmasambhava, the Sole Protector of sentient beings in the degenerate time, concealed many hidden teachings hundreds of years ago in order to shield beings from various harmful obstacles and calamities. The Book of Guru Rinpoche’s Complete Biography was discovered by the great treasure revealer, terton Orgyen Lingpa, in the Yarlung Sherdrak region of Tibet in 1285. The entire collection consisting of 108 chapters has been widely revered historically as a source of tremendous blessings. Should anyone supplicate to The Book of Guru Rinpoche’s Complete Biography or recite its text, one would be guarded against any and all attacks from non-human spirits and demons, among many other extraordinary benefits. Lama Drimed Rinpoche will commence a series of class meetings to bestow the reading transmission of this precious text, starting November 13, 2021 on Guru Rinpoche Day and every Friday evening thereafter. Rinpoche will spend 2 hours in every class meeting and roughly ten class meetings altogether to complete the reading transmission in its entirety. Anyone who has fervent faith towards Guru Rinpoche should not miss this rare opportunity. Once you commit to obtaining the reading transmission, you should plan on receiving it without any omission. This is especially critical if you wish to establish the dependent origination where you will never be apart from Guru Rinpoche’s ever-lasting blessings.

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Dakini Day
Green Tara Practice

1/26/22 Wednesday 7pm - 9pm PDT


Annual Heart Sutra Practice to Deflect
All Harms & Obstacles

1/30/22 Sunday 7pm - 9pm PDT

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